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Every Rewards action, explained

Learn about each action you can take on a reward and its eligibility rules

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Navigating through the Rewards platform on Buzzbassador is a breeze once you get the hang of it. Here's a breakdown of every action you can take for each reward status, to help you manage your rewards seamlessly.

Status: Processing (Unpaid)

  • Skip Processing: This action allows you to expedite a payout from 'Processing' to 'Due', bypassing the set Reward Processing Period. It's irreversible, so once a reward is shifted to due status, it cannot be reverted back. It's handy when you're ready to pay out but are held back by the processing period.

Status: Due (Unpaid)

  • Mark as Paid: This is for record-keeping only. Marking a reward as paid does not transfer any funds to the recipient. Use this only if the reward has already been handled externally, to avoid confusion. The recipient will get an email notification that they've been paid if your "You've been paid" email is activated.

Status: Processing or Due (Unpaid)

  • Decline: Decline a reward if necessary, due to a contract violation or payment attribution issue, for example. You can undo this action later.

Status: Declined (Unpaid):

  • Reauthorize: Need to reverse a previously declined reward? Use this to move a payout back to 'Due' status, making it payable again.

Status: Failed (Paid)

  • Retry: This action lets you reattempt a failed PayPal or Tremendous payout. Ensure the initial issue causing the failure is resolved before retrying. Check the Reward notes, found on the member's profile, for error details.

Status: Success *Marked as Paid (Paid)

  • Unmark as Paid (only for Rewards that were marked as paid, not paid with PayPal): Undo a reward's 'Marked as Paid' status if an external payment failed or was marked as paid incorrectly.

To put it all together, here's a visual representation for a quick glance:


Eligible Status(es)


Skip Processing

Processing (Unpaid)

Skip the preset processing period, moving payout to 'Due' status.


Due (Unpaid)

Initiate a payout via PayPal or Tremendous.

Mark as Paid

Due (Unpaid)

Manually mark a payout as paid without actual fund transfer.


Processing or Due (Unpaid)

Decline a reward for specific reasons, reversible.


Declined (Unpaid)

Undo a decline, reverting payout to 'Due' status.


Failed (Unpaid)

Reattempt a failed PayPal or Tremendous payout.

Unmark as Paid

Success *Marked as Paid Only (Paid)

Undo 'Marked as Paid' status for corrections.

Feel free to explore these actions, and remember, our support team is always here to help clear any clouds of confusion. Happy rewarding!

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