How can I retry a reward that failed?

If a reward you attempted through PayPal failed, here's how to retry it

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Having trouble with a failed payout? No worries! You can easily retry failed payouts either individually or in bulk. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get it done:

Retrying a Single Failed Payout(s):

  1. Navigate to Member Profile:

    • Click on the search bar at the top and type the member’s name.

  2. Locate Rewards Table:

    • Scroll down to find the Rewards table.

  3. Identify Failed Payouts:

    • Utilize the ‘Paid’ and ‘Failed’ filters to spotlight the failed payouts.

  4. Select Payouts:

    • Pick the payouts you wish to retry or simply select all.

  5. Hit the Retry Button:

    • Click the green ‘Retry’ button located at the top.

  6. Choose Payment Method:

    • A pop-up will emerge, asking if you'd like to retry by paying with PayPal or by paying manually and marking the payouts as paid.

  7. Confirm Your Action:

    • In the following pop-up, confirm your action to retry the payout.

Retrying Failed Payouts in Bulk:

  1. Access Rewards Section:

    • Navigate to the Rewards page from the left side menu.

  2. Select Failed Payouts:

    • Utilize the filters to display failed payouts, then select the ones you'd like to retry, or just hit 'select all'.

  3. Press the Retry Button:

    • Click the green ‘Retry’ button at the top.

  4. Choose Payment Method:

    • In the pop-up, decide between retrying the payouts via PayPal or manually marking them as paid after processing them through another method.

  5. Confirm Your Action:

    • A confirmation pop-up will appear, ensure to confirm your action to proceed with retrying the payouts.

There you go! Now you're all set to manage and retry failed payouts like a pro. If you run into any hitches along the way, feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!

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