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What do the different Paid statuses mean in Rewards?
What do the different Paid statuses mean in Rewards?

Here's an explanation of each of the transaction statuses shown in the Payout History page

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If you use our PayPal Payouts integration, you can track the status of your ambassadors' payouts in the Rewards page in Buzzbassador.


When submitted payouts are marked as "Success" in Rewards, this simply means that PayPal was able to successfully issue the payouts to your member(s). You can view your successful rewards total amount ($) using the Reward filters.

However, you may occasionally notice some rewards have a status other than successful. If a payout is unsuccessful, PayPal will retry it up to 4 times before it is officially counted as failed.


Once you have submitted your members' rewards for payment, the payout is sent over to PayPal for further processing. In this processing phase, it will show up as Pending until PayPal accepts and finalizes the payments, which can take up to 5 business days, but typically only takes 24-48 hours. Typically if the payments are pending for longer than 48 hours, it means there's possibly something wrong with the way PayPal is set up for your account. One or more of the following is true:

  1. Your PayPal account is not approved to use PayPal's Payouts Feature

    To check if you have been approved, head over to PayPal's Developer portal and click "Log Into Dashboard" button. Once you are on the Developer Dashboard, go to "My Account" on the left side menu (under the "Dashboard" section). From there, you will see a column called "Permission Name", and at the bottom of that column, you'll see the row labeled "Payouts".

    If you have been approved, you'll notice a green check mark on the far-right of that "Payouts" row.

    If there is not a green check mark, you will need to click the "Enable" link. This will send a request to PayPal to enable Payouts for your account.

  2. You pasted your Sandbox PayPal credentials into Buzzbassador instead of the Live PayPal credentials.

    To troubleshoot, you will need to re-walk through the steps of properly setting up and linking the Live PayPal credentials into Buzzbassador. Here is an article that can provide a further explanation on to do so.

  3. Your PayPal balance is not enough to cover the full amount of the due payouts

    The PayPal Payouts feature is only authorized to pull from your balance. It can not pull from any linked bank account or card. At the time that you initiated the payout batch, your PayPal balance did not contain enough funds to cover all of the payouts, so these ambassadors' payouts did not get completed. You will need to reload your balance, then wait 24 hours for the payments to automatically re-submit.

    To begin troubleshooting these potential issues: we recommended checking your PayPal balance first. If you find that it is sufficient, then the other two statements may be true. If the payouts seem to be still stuck at pending after resolving those three things, you may need to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Are none of these the problem? More potential PayPal issues can be found here: read article


A Failed transaction status means that PayPal has attempted three or more times to submit the payment and it has failed all three times (meaning it will not be retried automatically). Transactions can fail either due to any of the 3 issues listed above, or any of these other errors. At that point, you need to resolve the issue with your PayPal account first and you'll be able to re-submit them to PayPal from the app.

For more info on troubleshooting failed rewards: read this article

For how to retry a failed reward once the issue is resolved: read this article

Need further assistance with payouts? Send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app window, or email us at [email protected].

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