How to Use the 'Mark as Paid' Feature in Buzzbassador
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In Buzzbassador, you have the flexibility to pay your rewards using external methods other than PayPal and Tremendous. This feature allows you to manage your rewards seamlessly while utilizing Buzzbassador's other powerful features, such as application forms, landing pages, order tracking, email automation, and more.

Why Use External Payment Methods?

While PayPal and Tremendous are the primary payment methods within Buzzbassador, you may have your own preferred payment system for handling rewards. Using external payment methods is a common choice among many of our merchants.

How to Mark Rewards as Paid in Bulk

Follow these simple steps to mark rewards as paid in Buzzbassador when you've paid them externally:

Navigate to Rewards

Log in to your Buzzbassador account and access the "Rewards" section (left side menu > Main Menu > Rewards).

Select Unpaid Rewards

In the "Rewards" section, locate the "Unpaid" radio button and click it. This will filter the rewards to display all unpaid commissions.

Apply Any Other Filters

Common additional filters merchants like to apply to get the list more specific to their desired list to pay is the date filter - to show only rewards that were created within a certain date range - and the Payment Method > Tremendous or Manual Only - to show only members who can't be paid with PayPal, if that's the reason you're paying manually.

Select Rewards to Manually Pay

To manually pay the rewards of specific members, click the checkmark next to their name(s). Or, if you wish to mass pay, you can click the checkmark in the table heading and choose either "Select This Page" or "Select All Total.

Choose the "Mark as Paid" Option

After selecting the member(s) you want to pay, click the "Mark as Paid" option when it appears above the table.

Confirm & Mark as Paid

After you've verified that the selected rewards have been successfully paid to each member outside of Buzzbassador, click the "Confirm & Mark as Paid" button.

How to Mark Single Reward(s) as Paid

While the main Rewards page allows you to mark multiple members' payouts as paid, you may only want to mark a single reward as paid, or a select group of rewards from the master list belonging to one member.

To do that, just navigate to the member's profile (use the top bar search, or click "View Details" on their row from the rewards page). Once on their profile, in the Rewards section, you can follow the same steps above to select individual rewards and mark them as paid.

Important Note:

Using the 'Mark as Paid' function within Buzzbassador does not trigger any actual payment to the members for the selected rewards. It merely updates the status of the rewards to "Success (Paid)," assuming that the actual reward payment was sent to the member externally, outside of Buzzbassador.

The pop-up that appears when you initiate the "Mark as Paid" action will remind you how much needs to be paid externally, so you can ensure that action has been complete before confirming the "mark as paid" action.

Members who have rewards that you marked as paid will be notified via email that they have been paid by you (if you have the "you've been paid" email activated), so again, make sure you do not take this action until the members have been paid outside of Buzzbassador.

If you need any additional help, please reach out to our support team!


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