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Does Buzzbassador generate reporting for payouts?
Does Buzzbassador generate reporting for payouts?
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If you use Buzzbassador to pay ambassadors via our PayPal payouts integration, you may be wondering if we provide detailed reporting for these finances, for accounting purposes. Before we can answer that, it's important for you to understand the flow of funds that your commission payouts go through.

Buzzbassador doesn't actually participate in the flow of your payout funds -- meaning our app never "touches" or finalizes any of your commission payments directly. The funds flow directly from your PayPal account to your ambassadors' PayPal accounts; the money never goes through Buzzbassador.

Because of this, we leave the reporting to PayPal in order to maintain accuracy. After we send the payment amounts to PayPal, PayPal may add on additional fees, or the funds may be skipped or fail after Buzzbassador authorizes them, so it's important that PayPal provides the reports based on the actual, final amounts and pay dates officiated by PayPal.

With this being said, we recommend accessing any reporting for your ambassador payout history through your PayPal account! However, in Buzzbassador, you can view each payout batch that you have submitted to PayPal from your Buzzbassador Payout List. Here's how πŸ‘‡

How to find your Payout History in Buzzbassador

To view the Payout History, you will need to log in to your Buzzbassador account and go to Payout List > Payout History. This is where you can see a history of your submitted payout batches and check if they were successful, failed, denied, unclaimed, etc.

On the Payout History page, under the 'Status' column, you will see parentheses inside each row -- ex. (2 / 3). The second number is the total amount of individual commissions in that batch. The first number is how many of those commissions were paid successfully. So, if you see that the first number is less than the second number (ex. 2 is lesser than 3), then you know that the difference is how many of the payouts in that batch did not go through successfully.

If all payouts in the submitted batch were not successful, you will be able to total the difference between the full total amount ($) of the submitted payout batch and the total amount ($) of 'Successful Transactions' to see exactly how much in total did not process successfully. This amount can also be viewed under the 'Failed Transactions' column for each submitted payout. If PayPal is currently attempting to reprocess the transactions, the total amount of transactions within the batch that are reprocessing will be shown under the 'Retrying Transactions' column.

Keep in mind that PayPal will attempt each payout up to 3 times. If a payout is unable to be paid on the first two attempts, either due to insufficient balance or an issue with that particular recipient's PayPal account, the attempt will be marked as skipped, failed, denied, etc. You can read more about the different payout statues here.

Lastly, you can click the "View" button in the payout batch's row.

When you open the Payout Batch, a list of all transactions in the batch will display showing each of the paid commissions grouped by ambassador. For each payout, you will be able to review transaction status details to see which of the payments have not been successfully submitted and if there are any error message(s) as to what caused the issue in some cases.

To read more about what each transaction status in the payout history page means, check out this article.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app window, or email us at [email protected]!

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