How do I pay my ambassadors?
Want to send payouts to your ambassadors using our PayPal integration or your own preferred payment method? Here's how.
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In our app, we have implemented a couple of options that will allow you to pay ambassadors however you choose. You can easily pay ambassadors internally using PayPal or externally using other methods like Venmo, CashApp, Stripe, ACH/Bank, or any payment method of your choice!

Firstly, a few quick notes about our payment process in general:

  • You can see all your ambassadors' commissions in your Payout List page

  • Unpaid payouts are sorted by Due vs. Unprocessed

    • If a payout is in the 'Unprocessed' list, it means that the ambassador's commission is not finished processing yet. The duration for processing depends on your set Payout Processing Period.

    • If a payout is in the 'Due' list, it means that the commission has finished processing and is ready to be paid to the ambassador

  • Paid payouts appear in the 'Payout History' tab

    • You can open any payout batch in the Payout History tab to view the details of the commission payouts.

      • If you pay your ambassadors through PayPal, you can keep track of each commissions' status in PayPal (successful, pending, or failed) in this tab also.

Now that that is out of the way, here's how to pay your ambassadors' commissions...

OPTION 1: Pay ambassadors using our PayPal integration

In Buzzbassador we currently offer you the ability to process payouts seamlessly through PayPal. So, first, you want to make sure you have set up -- and been approved for -- thePayPal Payouts feature.

Once you have been approved for and connected your PayPal Payouts feature to your Buzzbassador account, the most important step to remember is...

You MUST have sufficient funds in your PayPal account. The Buzzbassador PayPal integration can ONLY pull funds from your PayPal balance -- it CANNOT pull funds from any bank accounts or cards that are linked to your PayPal.

Once you have PayPal Payouts is connected to Buzzbassador and your balance is sufficient, to issue commission payouts you need to navigate to your Payout List > Due Payouts tab. Then, check all of the due payouts you want to issue and click "Pay Selected Ambassadors" -- It just takes one click!

PLEASE NOTE: Before clicking "Pay", you can view the total balance of the commissions you have selected within the yellow "Pay" button (as pictured above). Use this amount to make sure your PayPal balance is sufficient before you issue the payouts.

A few notes:

  • If you have a lot of due payouts, it may take a moment for all of them to process and move from 'Due Payouts' to 'Payout History'.

  • If you are attempting to pay an ambassador and their payout is not processing, or appears to be "stuck" in due, it could be that the ambassador has not linked their PayPal account. The ambassador will need to log in to their Buzzbassador account and link their PayPal email address in their Payment Settings.

    • To see a list of which ambassadors do not have their PayPal linked, click Filter By PayPal Status > No PayPal Connected.

OPTION 2: Pay ambassadors using a method other than PayPal

The use of Buzzbassador is not fully dependent on PayPal. While PayPal is currently the only way to pay ambassadors inside of Buzzbassador, many of our merchants choose to pay their ambassadors using external methods, while still using Buzzbassador for all the other features it provides (application form, landing page, order tracking, email automation, reward tiers & calculation, etc.).

How to do this: Once you have paid your ambassadors externally to Buzzbassador through your preferred payment system, just simply mark the payouts (or commissions) as paid in Buzzbassador.

So, here's the breakdown of how to do this ⬇️

  1. Navigate to the Payout List > Due Payouts tab

  2. Mark the checkboxes next to the Due payouts you want to pay

  3. Click the "Mark selected as Paid" button

    1. If you do not have PayPal connected: you will see "Mark selected as Paid" in the main yellow button

    2. If you have PayPal connected: it will appear in a dropdown arrow next to the "Pay with PayPal" button

Following through these steps will signify to the ambassadors (and for your internal notes) that those commissions have been paid, even if they weren't paid in Buzzbassador!

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at [email protected].

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