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How can I promote my application form to receive more applicants for my program?
How can I promote my application form to receive more applicants for my program?

Here are our tips on promoting your Buzzbassador application form.

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If you are looking to increase the amount of applicants you get for your program, our first tip is to make sure that your application form is strategically placed to generate traffic. In this article we will cover a few steps to make sure you are maximizing the eyeballs on your program application.

Step 1: Decide whether to link directly to your application form or create a funnel from a landing page

With Buzzbassador, you have the option to create an informational landing page about your program. Or, you may have created your own custom page outside of Buzzbassador. Either way, if you do have an informational page about your program, it may look something like this:

Example of page created with Buzzbassador (instructions on how to do this linked here)

Example of page custom created outside of Buzzbassador

If you are using a page like this, what most merchants prefer to do is to create a funnel where they direct all applicant traffic first to their program landing page, and then funnel that traffic to the application form from there using call to action buttons like "Apply Now", "Join Today", or "Submit Your Application" (all linked to the application form link of course). This encourages people to learn about your program before they apply.

If you want to go this route, make sure that your live application form link is connected to at least one call to action button on your landing page. To learn how to do this, check out this article linked here.

Alternatively, some merchants prefer to forego the landing page option altogether and simply direct all applicant traffic straight to the application form. There are pros and cons to each option, so the choice is yours.

Once you decide which route you want to take, we recommend circulating the target landing link for applicants (either the landing page link or the application form link) in the following ways:

Add the link to your website menu (header or footer)

Create a new menu item on your Shopify header and/or footer menu. You'll get more eyeballs with the header, but as we all know, a header menu link can be prime real estate - so choose wisely!

For instructions on how to add your application form link to your Shopify navigation menu, check out this article linked here.

For instructions on how to add your landing page link to your Shopify navigation menu, check out this article linked here.

Example of link in header menu

Example of link in footer menu

Send the link out via email or DM

A lot of merchants like to send out their application form to their loyal customers or to other contacts who they know of that may want to join the program.

To easily send our your application form via email, you can use our Send Application Form email feature. Just make sure you customize the email template to your liking first.

If you want to send out your landing page link via email, or you'd rather use an email outside of Buzzbassador, you could create an email in your email service provider (i.e. Klaviyo) and simply copy and paste the target link into a button inside the email. You could also add the application form to your post-purchase emails (in Shopify, Klaviyo, etc.) if you'd like to invite all customers to join.

You can also send the target link over DM on social media by simply copying and pasting it. This is a great option if you want to invite certain social media accounts to join - just send them a DM and include the link.

Link it in your Instagram story highlights

Want to direct traffic to your form from Instagram? Use Instagram's story link feature to pin the link to your profile.

Here's how to do this:

1. Make an Instagram story and add the "Link" widget

2. Paste the target link and title it with an engaging call to action

3. Add the link to your story and post it

4. Create a highlight for the story on your profile

Add the link to your social media bios

Whether you use a link in bio tool (ex., LinkTree) or you just want to use your one link in bio to direct traffic to your form or landing page funnel (again, prime real estate - choose wisely!), make sure your form link has a presence on your social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Simply copy and paste the link into your bio or your link-in-bio tool of choice.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected], or use the chat bubble at the bottom right corner!

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