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Why is my application form not loading correctly (giving a "can't connect", "419", or other error)?
Why is my application form not loading correctly (giving a "can't connect", "419", or other error)?

Here's a solution to why your application form may not be loading correctly for people who load it directly from your landing page or emails

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Occasionally, some users may face a 419 error, "Can't Connect" error, or other error when trying to load or submit the application form. Typically, the main reason for this is that the link to the application form was redirected incorrectly from the previous Buzzbassador page (either the Buzzbassador landing page or emails).

Here is how to resolve this:

Whenever you are linking a URL to an element - a text block, image, button, etc. - in your email templates and/or landing page, the URL target must always be set to "New Tab". This goes for your application form URL, especially. If the URL is set to open in the "Same Tab", depending on the end user's email or web browser, this could lead to redirect issues (and eventually, a 419 Error).

When editing your landing page and/or email templates, it is very simple to make sure all your URLs (including your application form URL) are set to direct to a New Tab. Since both the email and landing page editors are the exact same, the following steps will apply for both your email templates and landing page templates:

  1. Navigate to the template editor for your landing page or email

  2. Click on the element (i.e. button, image, etc.) that you are wanting to add the URL

  3. In the right-side menu, go to the 'Target' option and click on the dropdown menu

  4. Choose 'New Tab' from the menu

Once you are finished, remember to Save and Publish these changes!

If you're hyperlinking text: All you need to do is select the text and click on the 'link' icon in the pop-up text editor. Then enter or paste the link and set the 'Target' option as 'New Tab'.

You can read more about how to customize the Landing Page here. You can also read about how to customize your email templates here.

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at [email protected].

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