Note: We use "Program" and "Member" as label-agnostic terms to refer to any marketing you are using Buzzbassador to facilitate, whether you refer to it as an affiliate program, influencer marketing, ambassador program, referral program, creator partnerships, brand reps, partner program, etc.

In Buzzbassador, you are able to recruit members into your program through various channels, including the landing page (which can be integrated into your Shopify site) and "You're invited to apply" email (which can be directly sent to recruit prospective members).

In both of the templates for these items, there is a clickable button that you can use to lead any prospects directly to your member program's application form. In order to make sure this button leads to your form, you will need to manually link the button to your application form link.

Below are the steps on where to find the application form link and how you can add the form link to the button in the templates. Let's get into it!

Where to find the application form link

1. Navigate to the Application Form page

You can find the Application Form page tab located in the left side menu.

2. Copy the Link

To obtain the URL to your live application, all you will need to do is click on the link located in the top editor menu as shown below.

This will copy the link to the application form to your clipboard, which you paste and hyperlink to the buttons within the template editors.

Now, you can follow the instructions below on how to link the buttons 😉

How to add the application form link to your landing page

You're in luck, this part is even easier! The exact same editor is used for the landing page templates and email templates so the steps to add to link are similar.

Add form link to the button on your Landing Page:

  1. Navigate to your Landing Page template

  2. Click "Edit"

  3. Scroll to and select the "Apply" or "Join Now" button

  4. In the URL input box on the right-side editor menu, paste the link!

Don't forget to save the changes! Need help customizing the Landing page? Learn more here.

Add form link to the action button in your "You're invited to apply" email:

  1. Navigate to the Emails

  2. Click the yellow "Edit" button over the "You're invited to apply" email

  3. Scroll to and select the "Apply" button

  4. In the URL input box on the right-side editor menu, paste the link!

  5. Save your changes

Also, check out this article to learn how to customize the email templates.

Now, you're ready! 😎 As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected], or send us an instant chat from the bottom right corner of your app window.

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