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How can I export a report of all paid payouts and due rewards?
How can I export a report of all paid payouts and due rewards?

Here's how to export all of your payout and reward information in spreadsheet format

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Need a comprehensive report of all your past payout transactions or current Unpaid Rewards? Exporting a detailed report of all paid payouts and due rewards is just a few clicks away. Let’s walk you through the process:

Steps to Export the Report:

  1. Navigate to the Rewards Page:

    • Head to the Rewards page by clicking on the left side menu, then on Main menu tab, and finally on Rewards.

  2. Locate the Export Button:

    • At the top of the Rewards list or table, you’ll find an "Export" button.

  3. Initiate the Export:

    • Click on "Export" to begin. It might take a few minutes, especially with a hefty amount of Reward data. Once done, it'll land in the inbox of the email associated with your Buzzbassador account.

Once you receive the export to your email, you can download it, and then upload it to any spreadsheet software you'd like (ex. Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers).

Important Notes:

Inclusive Data:

The export file is a treasure trove of all-time data on Rewards, including even those from deleted members. So, the data in the spreadsheet might not always align with what you see in Buzzbassador, as deleted members and their data (their orders, payouts, etc.) are not currently displayed in our UI.

Unfiltered Export:

The exported data is unfiltered, including all reward statuses over time. Any date range or reward status filters applied in the UI at the time you click "Export" won’t reflect in the exported file.

Now, with your exported report in hand, you're well-equipped to analyze your reward payouts thoroughly. Should you encounter any hiccups or have more queries, feel free to reach out to our support crew. We're here to help!

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