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How can I export a report of all my members' data?
How can I export a report of all my members' data?

Easily export your members' data and performance history

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In your Buzzbassador account, you can download your members' data (such as their contact information, assigned referral code, program information, total rewards, total revenue generated, status, etc.) directly from the Members page by using our 'Export' function.

To use our 'Export' function, simply navigate to the Members page (left side menu > Main Manu > Members) and click the 'Export' button in the top-right corner of the page. Once you have clicked the button, it may take a few minutes for the .csv file to be available for download; the wait time will depend on how many members you have.

Once the file is ready, a 'Download List' button will appear in the app. You will also receive an email that your export was completed, with a link to export the file.

Important things to note:

  • Required Application Questions

    • Only the answers to required questions from your application form will also be included in the exported spreadsheet.

  • Deleted Members

    • You will also see deleted members in the exported member log. While these deleted members are included in your member export file, they do not appear in your Buzzbassador account interface.

If you want to import members into your program, here is an article that can provide a further explanation on how to do so.


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