Why was my reward auto-declined?

Learn about why rewards can get declined automatically in Buzzbassador

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Sometimes, our system auto-declines rewards to save you some time and prevent potential issues. Here are the scenarios where a reward might get auto-declined and what you can do if you need to revert this action.

Reasons for Reward Auto-Decline:

1. Zero-Sum Reward

If a reward amount is $0, usually due to its associated order being refunded or cancelled, our system auto-declines it since there's nothing to pay out.

2. Self-Placed Orders:

When enabled, our "auto-decline rewards for self-placed orders" setting (learn more about this setting here) prevents members from gaming the system by earning rewards on their own orders. Rewards linked to self-placed orders get auto-declined.

3. Shipping Country Restriction:

To protect your margins on high-shipping-cost orders, our system can auto-decline rewards for orders shipped to certain countries, if you've enabled this setting (learn more about this setting here). For instance, rewards may only be applicable for orders shipped within the USA or Canada, and all other orders' rewards are auto-declined.

Reauthorizing an Auto-Declined Reward:

If a reward was auto-declined mistakenly, fear not! You can easily reauthorize it. Just follow the steps outlined in our article on reauthorizing a declined reward.

Now you're equipped with the knowledge to manage auto-declined rewards efficiently. As always, our support team is here to assist you with any further queries or issues you may encounter. Happy rewarding!

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