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How the Buzzbassador Emails Work
Can I edit or turn off the Set Password or Forgot Password email(s) that are sent to my members?
Can I edit or turn off the Set Password or Forgot Password email(s) that are sent to my members?

When your members need to set or reset the password for their Buzzbassador account, they receive an email from us

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Note: We use "Program" and "Member" as label-agnostic terms to refer to any marketing you are using Buzzbassador to facilitate, whether you refer to it as an affiliate program, influencer marketing, ambassador program, referral program, creator partnerships, brand reps, partner program, etc.

What is the Set Password email?

The Set Password email is sent directly from Buzzbassador ([email protected], to be exact) and looks something like this:

This email is automatically sent to all members of your program when they are added to your Buzzbassador account, whether you add them by importing them or by accepting their application.

What is the Forgot Password email?

The forgot password email, also sent directly from Buzzbassador, is the email your member(s) will be sent if they forget the password to their Buzzbassador account. They can either receive this by clicking "Forgot Password" on the login screen of Buzzbassador, or by our team manually sending it to them if they reach out and ask for their login credentials. The email looks very similar to the "Set Password" email above, and includes a link to reset the password to their Buzzbassador account.

Can I edit or turn off the Set Password or Forgot Password email(s) that are sent to my members?

The Set Password and Forgot Password emails can not currently be edited or deactivated. These two emails are sent directly from Buzzbassador, in contrast to the other automated emails (i.e. "Your application was received", "You got a sale", etc.) which are sent as if they are coming from your brand, and can be edited or deactivated any time from within your Buzzbassador account.

Why can't I edit or turn off the password-related emails?

It is crucial that your members have access to their Buzzbassador account so that they can track their sales, provide important contact information to you, and link their payment accounts. So, therefore it is also crucial that they are able to set and reset (when needed) their password to access their account. In order to protect the privacy of our user's accounts, we make sure that all information regarding login credentials is sent and managed by us. We do not allow these emails in particular to be edited as it is important for the instructions and messaging surrounding account setup for Buzzbassador to remain consistent and clear for all users.

As always, if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen or email us at [email protected]! 🐝

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