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Members: How does my affiliate link work?
Members: How does my affiliate link work?

Want to know how your affiliate link functions? Check out this article!

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After joining a brand's program, you will be assigned a unique referral code and an affiliate link (both displayed on your ambassador dashboard). Like your referral code, you can promote the brand and earn perks by sharing your affiliate link with friends and followers and generating sales!

Here's how your affiliate link works πŸ‘‡

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, they are directed to the brand's online store. No matter what page or product they visit while they're there, whenever they reach checkout, your referral code is automatically applied to their cart at checkout. Once the customer has completed the order, the brand generates a sale, and you earn a referral!

Remember that our affiliate link function is in beta, which means the functions are limited! For your affiliate link to work and track orders correctly, your referral code must remain applied to the order. The customer cannot remove the code at checkout. The affiliate link functions exactly like the referral code functions – just in link form!

The benefit of the affiliate link is that your friends and followers don't have to remember to type in your referral code manually. However, we are soon launching our expanded affiliate link feature, which will provide "codeless" independently-tracked affiliate links that do not rely on any discount being applied at checkout πŸ₯³

How do I edit my affiliate link?

Currently, there is no way to customize your affiliate link as our affiliate link function is still in beta. The beta affiliate link form is the brand's store URL / discount / your referral code! For example: If the brand's store URL is and your referral code is buzz1, your affiliate link would be

What if I need to shorten my affiliate link?

While there is not a way to customize affiliate links at the moment, you can always use a free link shortener like to shorten (or even "mask) your affiliate link.

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