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How to change the logo on the application form success page
How to change the logo on the application form success page

Want to know how you can change the logo on the post-application success page? Here's how.

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The logo displayed on the last page (A.K.A the Success Page) of your Application form is the logo that you uploaded in your "Brand Details" settings. This logo is automatically displayed on your Success Page and can be changed at any time. Here's how!

How to change the logo on your application form success page

  1. Navigate to your Settings

  2. Go to Brand Details tab > Brand Logo section

  3. Click the "Upload New Photo" button in the Brand Logo field. Then select and upload an image file of your brand's logo from your computer or device.

  4. Click "Save" to save your changes

Once you have uploaded your brand's logo, our system will subsequently update the logo displayed on your Success page to display the newly uploaded logo πŸ‘

And that's it! As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected], or send us an instant chat from the bottom right corner of your app window.

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