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Import Pre-Existing Members Method 2: Copy and Paste
Import Pre-Existing Members Method 2: Copy and Paste

How can I import the members I had before installing Buzzbassador? Here's how to copy and paste their info into the system.

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Note: We use "Program" and "Member" as label-agnostic terms to refer to any marketing you are using Buzzbassador to facilitate, whether you refer to it as an affiliate program, influencer marketing, ambassador program, referral program, creator partnerships, brand reps, partner program, etc.

As discussed in this article about importing existing members, there are two methods to do it. The second method includes pasting members' information directly into the Buzzbassador system. The following article details the step-by-step instructions of going through this process!

Keep in mind that as soon as your list is imported, an email is sent to your imports (as long as you have the "You've been imported" email turned on). You want to make sure that email is edited to your liking BEFORE you do your import. Read more about that here.

Importing Members by Copying and Pasting Values

1. In your Buzzbassador account, navigate to the 'Members' page and click 'Import'

2. Complete the pre-import pop-up

Before starting the import process, there are two configurations you will have to set.

The first configuration is choosing the particular program tier -- if applicable -- that you want to import this set of members into. Your default program will be listed first, but you can click the drop down to choose any other of your tiers. Keep in mind, any of the members you import can be assigned to a different tier later.

The second configuration prompts you to choose between two options: keep or delete & recreate any existing referral codes IF your members were already created & assigned a Shopify discount code to promote with before you installed Buzzbassador.

  • Keep existing codes external to Buzzbassador's referral code price rule: If you select this option, your members existing codes from before Buzzbassador will be kept active, but not included in your Buzzbassador referral rule. This means that any edits you make to your referral rule will not apply to all of your imported codes.

  • Delete existing codes and recreate them in Buzzbassador's referral code price rule: If you select this option, the members' existing codes that you manually created pre-Buzzbassador will be deleted, but they will immediately be automatically recreated by Buzzbassador, and included as a part of the Buzzbassador referral rule. The codes will have the exact same title -- the only thing that will change is the creation date and location of the back-end code. In other words, your members will not know the difference - they will still be promoting the same code (i.e. 'AK10') regardless.

**For more details on these two options, please check out this article.

Once you have selected from the options, click 'Continue'.

3. Add your data to the bottom section

At the bottom section of the import pop-up, you will see a sheet-like area with titled columns like 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Email', etc. This is where you will paste your member data. Make sure you paste the data into the correct columns. The only ambassador data Buzzbassador can accept are the data points shown in these columns; any other data points you may have about your ambassadors that are not shown in the columns, you will have to leave out of the import.

There are four required columns - First Name, Last Name, Email, and Referral Code are all required. Buzzbassador must have at least those four data points about the members you are importing in order to track them correctly.

Remember that if the members you are importing have pre-existing Shopify discount codes, you need to paste them into the 'Referral Code' column. The codes will be handled according to the option you selected in this step.

If the members you are importing have never been assigned a Shopify discount code, Buzzbassador will need to create one for them. So, you will need to type what you want each ambassador's code to be in the 'Referral Code' column for their respective row. The app will then create that code for them.

Once all of your data is pasted into the correct rows/columns, click 'Continue'.

4. Submit your import

Simply click the 'Yes' button to confirm your import submission.

5. Wait for your success email

Once your import has been submitted, all there is left to do is wait! You will receive an email from Buzzbassador when your import is complete. It usually only takes a few minutes. In the meantime, you can go back to work!

And there you go-- you're done with importing your members!

There are several other common questions or troubleshooting issues that may come up in this process, so make sure to check out the other articles about importing members.

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at [email protected].

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