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How to add auto-populated code elements into the emails for new members
How to add auto-populated code elements into the emails for new members

Here's a detailed explanation on how to provide your new members with their correct (unique) codes via email, automatically

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Note: We use "Program" and "Member" as label-agnostic terms to refer to any marketing you are using Buzzbassador to facilitate, whether you refer to it as an affiliate program, influencer marketing, ambassador program, referral program, creator partnerships, brand reps, partner program, etc.

In the Email Template Editor, you have the ability to customize the templates and add your own ‘touch’! One way we recommend doing this is to add our auto-populated code elements.

These are very helpful for new members, because they provide them with their exact unique referral code and exclusive discount code. The emails we recommend adding these elements to are the "Your application was accepted" and "You've been imported" emails.

There Are 2 Options To Add Automatic Code Elements:

OPTION 2: Add the full pre-built code block section

The best and easiest way to add the automatic codes into your email is to drag the full section block, which is already set up with the automatic codes, the recommended 2-column layout, and suggested text to explain the codes. You can find this in the "Blocks" section of the email editor, called the "Dynamic Codes" block.

First, drag this block into your email template.

Then, customize the styling of the block to match the rest of your email. Start by changing the background color. Select the row, scroll down to "Row Properties" in the editor, and change the Content Background Color.

You can also change the text, fonts, text colors, and the color/font of the actual code blocks themselves.

Then you're all set, and the codes will automatically populate into the code blocks where it says {{discount_code}} and {{referral_code}}, similar to merge tags.

OPTION 2: Drag individual code blocks into the template

If you don't want to drag the full section but instead individual code elements, simply go to the Content tab in the editor and then drag the Discount Code and Referral Code elements into the template.

You can then change the styling of the automatic code elements by changing the background color, text color, and font.

Final notes

Once these code elements have been added, they will automatically display the correct codes for the specific member who is receiving the email. Works like magic

Here's an example of the finished product (what the member sees in their email inbox):

***Note that your members can also view their codes (and more) in the dashboard of their Buzzbassador account at any time.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected], or send us an instant chat from the bottom right corner of your app window.

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