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Why are payouts still listed as "Due" after I have clicked "Pay all with PayPal"?
Why are payouts still listed as "Due" after I have clicked "Pay all with PayPal"?
If you have seen the message, "Your payout request is being processed" but noticed that there are payouts still listed as "Due", here's why.
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Using our PayPal Payouts integration, you can issue commissions (or "Payouts") through PayPal to all of your ambassadors directly from the Payout List page within Buzzbassador.

There are very few cases in which you may run into an issue of your payouts seeming to be "stuck" at the "Due" phase. Let's say you have followed the proper steps to pay your ambassadors' commissions and seen a message that says, "Your payout request is being processed", BUT, you still see that one or more of your ambassadors' payouts are listed as 'Due'.

Why does this happen?

The primary reason as to why the payouts are still listed could be that the ambassadors that you were trying to pay don’t have their PayPal’s connected. Please rest assured that in this case, your ambassadors' payouts were not sent or duplicated. Because there is not an existing PayPal account linked to that ambassador, the payout simply failed, which is why it remained in the 'Due' phase.

How do I see which ambassadors haven't linked their PayPal?

In the Payout List, you can filter the Due Payouts to show only the ambassadors with "No PayPal connected". By doing this, you will be able to separate and view the ambassadors who need to connect their PayPal. You can also use the filtered list to reach out to those specific ambassadors that are listed and remind them to link their PayPal account.

You can also filter payouts by which ambassadors do have their PayPal connected. This would allow you to pay only the ambassadors that have their accounts set up correctly, avoiding any errors from missing PayPal accounts.

For a further explanation on how to pay ambassadors using our PayPal Payouts integration, you can read about how to do so here.

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at [email protected].

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