If you just finished setting up your Klaviyo integration in Buzzbassador, yay for you! We are really excited about this integration and we think there are some really cool ways to leverage it for your ambassador program. This article is going to explain a few of those ways.

There is 1 main thing that the Klaviyo integration accomplishes: it automatically syncs all of your ambassadors' contact information to your Klaviyo account and segments them based on their activity.

There are multiple use ideas for this, such as custom automated flows, localized (i.e. translated) emails for international ambassadors, and even more customizable one-off emails or campaigns than what Buzzbassador offers in-app. Basically, it just expands your options for sending emails to your ambassadors beyond the limitations of what Buzzbassador offers.

Again, though -- all of these cool things start with the automatically synced ambassador contact lists & segments from Buzzbassador. So let's talk about those.

Where to find your newly synced lists

On your left side menu in Klaviyo, click the "Lists & Segments" page.

You will then see all the lists that Buzzbassador automatically populates to your Klaviyo account!

What are these lists, and how can you use them?

So, what are these lists? Here is a breakdown:

Buzz top 10 performing ambassadors

This is pulled straight from your ambassador leaderboard in Buzzbassador. It is the email addresses of your top 10 best performing ambassadors (i.e. the 10 people who have made the most sales), compiled in one place.

Use ideas: You could send these ambassadors a virtual gift card to thank them for performing so well, give them access to exclusive "VIP" giveaways, and more -- all via this private email list.

Buzz pending ambassadors

These are the people who have applied to your program, but that you have not either accepted or declined yet. So, this list is basically a compilation of all the people waiting on your applicants list in Buzzbassador. As soon as someone is accepted or declined, they will be removed from this "pending" list.

Use idea: Let's say you aren't able to check your applicants list often, but you want your applicants to know that you haven't forgotten about them! You could use Klaviyo flows to set up an automated email that would get sent to everyone who stays on this list for at least 3 days, reminding them that their application is still in review, and you will be getting back to them soon.

Buzz ambassadors who generated sales

This is a list of all ambassadors who have ever generated a sale with their referral code, big or small. This is an easy way to separately contact the ambassadors who have been active and actually benefitting your business, vs. those who haven't.

Use idea: Keep these people motivated! They've already generated revenue for you, so why not help them make more? Create an automated email flow in Klaviyo to be sent out to everyone who joins this list, congratulating them on making a sale, and giving them tips on how to generate more.

Buzz ambassadors who purchased

This is a list of all ambassadors who have made a purchase from your store themselves with the ambassador program's discount code.

Use idea: Contact these ambassadors separately using a custom email campaign with convincing product deals or new drops, and attempt to turn them into repeat customers. You could also ask them send an email asking them to submit photo(s) with the item(s) they bought to give you some user-generated content!

Buzz ambassadors who didn't generate sales

This list includes all of your ambassadors who have not yet generated any sales with their referral code.

Use ideas: This list provides a great way to give these people the extra push they need to be successful. You could use Klaviyo automated flows to send an email to everyone that joins this list that includes your own curated tips on how to be successful. This email could remind them to share their code (and give them guidelines on how and where to share it!), give them ideas for social media and blog posts to make about your brand, and more.

Buzz approved ambassadors

This list is simply a compilation of all of the contact information for your complete list of active ambassadors. If you want to send an email to all of your ambassadors at once, this is the list to go with.

Use ideas: Have a specific social media campaign, product launch, or upcoming sale you want your ambassadors to know about? Send them an email and let them know! You can even give them specific graphics or assets to use to promote you with when the time comes.

These are just some of the ideas we have on how to leverage Klaviyo + Buzzbassador to your advantage. But don't just stop at our ideas - let your creativity run wild!

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to send us a chat at the bottom right corner of your app screen, or email us at [email protected].

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